Have you ever met a kid who can’t stay still for more than a second? That was me. It took me 30 years to understand that hey, I have ADHD. 


Those around me never got it. They’d tell me to sit still, walk it off, calm down. Even as an adult, so many bosses told me that I wasn’t following the typical “mold” - that I was always trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.


So, I created the Nook. My interpretation of the space I always wanted and needed, ever since I was a kid. It’s a fort, a personal hideaway, a place for open-ended play. The Nook is the perfect piece for a bedroom, playroom, and the classroom. The Nook is a new way for teachers and parents to give kids the chance to take a break, no negativity involved.

The Nook is for all kids, it doesn’t matter why they are looking for an alternative reason to hang out. With the Nook, kids have a chance to be themselves, explore their own worlds and do things the way that they see fit.


The Nook is so much more than a cool place for kids to hang out. 



All Nooks are 105cm in diameter, and are available in 3 widths: 50cm, 60cm, and 70cm. Nooks are made from HDPE plastic, which is non-toxic and completely safe for children. The interior is coated in waterproof oak-style laminate, and the exterior is all high-quality, non-toxic, non-scratch acrylic paint. 


All fabrics are carefully selected to provide the perfect mix of aesthetics and durability. They are removable and machine washable. The cushions are 6 cm thick for extra comfy cuddling sessions, and are waterproof to prevent messes big and small! 


Nooks are professionally fixed to the wall, and easily moved and relocated. Pricing starts at 1,650 nis. 

My thinking in creating the Nook was to give all kids the space where they fit in (literally and emotionally). In the process of creating the Nook, I consulted with an environmental psychologist, a children’s psychologist, ergonomics specialist and an occupational therapist. I wanted to make sure the Nook was ideal for all kids and their specific needs.


Research shows that children with sensitivities greatly benefit from hideouts like the Nook. The Nook provides them with the opportunity to “zone out” from the world and get away from the sometimes overwhelming stimuli surrounding them.


Safety is of the utmost important when dealing with kids. All Nooks undergo extensive safety checks. I lovingly personally create each Nook! I sand, paint and inspect each Nook before it arrives at its destination. This also means that each Nook is slightly different, just like our kids.